What is “post and rail” fencing?


What is “post and rail” fencing?

Chances are that you have seen the phrase “post and rail” often used in reference to fencing, such as on our website, and you are now wondering what the term means. Post and rail is indeed one of various fencing options we offer, and its visual simplicity belies its myriad of practical benefits.

Post and rail fencing in a nutshell

What do you want your fencing to achieve? Naturally, you want it to help secure your property or land from intruders – or, if the site is agricultural, perhaps to prevent cattle from escaping. However, you could still be reticent about the idea of fencing that would block a large amount of the view – from either side.

That’s where post and rail fencing can really come into its own, giving you both the stylistic and security benefits you seek. This type of fencing has a simple structure, consisting of vertical fence posts and horizontal rails. Thus, it is easy and quick to assemble – and even reassemble in a slightly different form.

You could opt for the latter strategy if, say, your land changes in size or shape, forcing you to readjust the fencing to accommodate the change. In any case, though, this variety of fencing will still let visitors see right through to your attractive field, garden, property or whatever else the fencing is guarding.

Post and rail is a delightfully versatile solution

Our staff here at SkyeSafe Estate Management can install post and rail fencing in any of various materials, including timber, metal and plastic. Furthermore, whether your property is narrow or wide and even if the terrain is flat or sloping, the erected fencing will still look good.

You can also confidently leave this fencing in place for a while due to its impressive durability. Once we have installed it for you at your South East England estate, it could be quite a while before you feel any need for replacement fencing.

Nonetheless, it’s far from the only type of fencing we offer. Feel free to give us a ring on 07535 979866 to learn more about the options we have available.